HTF Candles & Pivots

This indicator displays HTF candles and pivot points .

The candles are displayed in a box and you can select Open-Close, High-Low or both.
You can show all of the past, or just "today only" or "previous day only".
You can also shift one previous candle to the current one.

The pivot point is the normal one.
There is an option to display CPR (Central pivot range).

Example: Shift previous to current
Release Notes: Fixed a problem where the wicks was sometimes displayed in an incorrect position.
Release Notes: It can now set alerts.
Click on the clock icon to set it.

Example: alert setting
Release Notes: Added an option "Forecast" on the shift mode.

Example: (History: "Shift previous to current")
Release Notes: Added an option to adjust the candle's line thickness.
Release Notes: Added the color options "mono"and "custom".
Release Notes: I accidentally deleted the Plot, but it has been recovered. (That's why I couldn't set the Alert.)
Added an option "Bar colors"
Release Notes: Added 15 and 30 options to the Timeframe.

Release Notes: Fixed a bug that caused a line to show at 0 in PP.
Release Notes:
  • Added a label on Forecast
Release Notes: Modified a bug that the label duplicates on 5min.
Release Notes: Added an option "Expected price range".
This is the average price range added to the latest close price.

Release Notes:
  • Adjusted the "Expected price range".
  • Changed the "Expected price range" colors.
  • Added averages to the candle's labels.
  • Added options in Pivots label "Levels and Price" and "Price" to the Pivots labels.
Release Notes:
  • Added an option "Time divisions".
  • Added an option that day of the week to labels.
  • Added some color sets.
  • Removed an option "Filled area".
Release Notes: Changed that can be set to 0 to line thickness.

Release Notes:
  • Added an option "Transition" of the Expected price range.
  • Changed the default settings.
  • Added a color theme "Guardians"

Thank you for using. have fun!!
Release Notes:
  • Added an option "Volume Profile"
  • Removed an option "barcolor"

For the source code of the Volume Profile, I refer to "Volume Profile, Pivot Anchored by DGT".
Thank you very much 🙏

Release Notes: Changed the default settings.
Release Notes: Fixed a bug that caused some symbols to be collapsed because their row height was too small.
Release Notes:
  • Added a history mode for volume profiles.
  • Added the TD sequential numbers to labels.
  • Added extension and thickness options for vertical dividing lines.
  • Adjusted the days of the week in labels.
  • Changed label separator to selective. (dots, line breaks)
  • (Experimental feature) Added Kanji notation options for days of the week.
Release Notes: Fixe the bugs and removed the garbage codes.
Release Notes:
  • Added an option "Memory cleaning". (Limit the number of drawings.)
  • Added choice for pivot type "Floor".
Release Notes: Added a color option.
Release Notes: Added "PP only" option to "Pivots"
Release Notes: Added options "Message panel"

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