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This script automatically calculates and updates ICT's daily IPDA look back time intervals and their respective discount / equilibrium / premium, so you don't have to :)

IPDA stands for Interbank Price Delivery Algorithm. Said algorithm appears to be referencing the past 20, 40, and 60 days intervals as points of reference to define ranges and related PD arrays.

Intraday traders can find most value in the 20 Day Look Back box, by observing imbalances and points of interest.

Longer term traders can reference the 40 and 60 Day Look Back boxes for a clear indication of current market conditions.
Release Notes:
v0.0 - Chart update.
Release Notes:
v0.1 - Added different ways of displaying the location of price inside the IPDA ranges:
> 'Boxes' shows the proper IPDA ranges, plotting boxes on the chart;
> 'Table A' shows whether price is in Discount of Premium for each of the IPDA ranges;
> 'Table B' shows the distance from Equilibrium in percentage or each of the IPDA ranges.
Release Notes:
v0.2 - 'Table B' shows the location of price in percentage for each of the IPDA ranges, where 0% is deep Discount and 100% is high Premium.
Release Notes:
- Bug Fix: boxes were displaying on lower timeframes. Restricted to 1D chart.
Release Notes:
Bug Fix: IPDA Low and High was not checking the 20th, 40th and 60th candle.
Cosmetics: Added a Line for Equilibrium instead of using the boxes for better visualization and customization.
Release Notes:
Major Features Added:
– Plot Daily IPDA Data Ranges on any LTF

– Plot LTF IPDA Data Ranges (last 20, 40, 60 LTF candles)
Release Notes:
Bug Fix: resolved all issues with boxes plots from previous update!
Release Notes:
Bug Fix: now plotting from previous day.
Release Notes:
Fixed Bar Count
Release Notes:
Added Alerts

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