Divergence Indicator (any oscillator)

A modification of the TV builtin "Divergence indicator" (Version 10) that can be applied to any indicator, and can be plotted on price as well.

Add your favorite oscillator, RSI , Klinger , TSI, CMF , or anything else to a chart.
Click the little ... (More) on the oscillator.
Then add this indicator "Divergence Indicator (any oscillator)" on your oscillator of choice.
Click the settings on this indicator and make sure the source is set to the right plot from your oscillator.
Watch for it to plot divergences...

Add this indicator a second time on the price chart (and select the same oscillator plot), but check the box "plot on price (rather than on indicator)""
See you divergence plotted on price (as well as on the oscillator)
Release Notes: Fixed bug in the plots on price. Thanks to @sal157011 for the bug report.
Release Notes: Added an option to delay plot until candles are closed (ie no repainting). If you select this option divergences in real time will match historical ones, but plots will be delayed until candle close.
By request of @cyatophilum @AbhijeetMuneshwar
Open-source script

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This looks great
I’ve not added any new indicators before.
How do I add this ?
Sorry for what might be a simple question.
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yatrader2 Mattcharles
@Mattcharles, Click the fx icon to add an indicator, then follow the instructions at the top of this page.
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this indicator is amazing, thanks you alot
one question how can i add arlert when the bear and bull label pop up?
thanks you.
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petemartin95 TrickyMouse
@yatrader2 - Just asked this question too..... seems a bit tricky to get an alert to fire. Can you help???
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This publication is now featured in our Editors' Picks. In the name of all TradingView traders, thank you for your valuable contribution to the TradingView community, and congrats!
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yatrader2 PineCoders
@PineCoders, Thanks, glad you like it.
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speakdan73 yatrader2
@yatrader2, I would like you to know, as someone diligently starting out, I appreciate the value which you have provided for people here. Your work and the response to it gives me the focus to concentrate trying to learn. Thank you.