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Aerospace stocks: Birds of steel

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Forget your trips away without these guys. Aerospace companies are high-tech manufacturers, covering the design, build, and sale of the aircraft products they produce. This doesn't just mean airplanes, either - aircraft parts, missiles, rockets, or spacecrafts are big parts of the aerospace industry. Most people will recognise Boeing and Airbus as the leaders of this industry, since anyone that has been on a plane before has likely boarded one of their model aircrafts. Unless you vacay via a Cessna 172 or something strange like that.

Below we've listed companies operating primarily in the aerospace industry that are listed in Europe, the US and Canada, and that have market capitalizations greater than 1bn. For this Spark, we've limited the list to companies operating within the atmosphere. So no space-lovers here, we're afraid. And remember, just because a certain symbol takes off steeply, doesn't mean it'll enjoy bump-free journey, so always do your research before investing.