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Auto stocks: Asian car makers

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While many of us may have not come across a Suzuki Escudo or a Nissan Skyline outside of Gran Turismo, we have certainly encountered many Asian-made cars on the roads. The continent boasts an impressive car manufacturing industry - Toyota, for example, ranks second in car manufacturers globally by market capitalization. And as the world pivots towards renewable energy and seeks to offset carbon emissions, newer Asian car manufactures like NIO, Xpeng, and Li Auto have proven innovative in growing the electric vehicle sector too.

This Spark lists the biggest car makers based in Asia with over 1BN market cap. These manufacturers are just as big as their US and European counterparts, and include some of the most recognizable brand names out there. This list does not constitute advice, however - make sure not to jump through the gears and invest in any without doing your own research.


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