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Casual dining stocks: Meals for the modern age

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Let's be honest: is eating at McDonald's even a guilty pleasure at this point? We really don't have to treat it as such. How else is it supposed to have a 100bn+ market capitalization? Indeed, fast-food and casual dining chains have mass appeal, drawing in a broad social milieu of society since the early 1920s. While these types of companies won't offer Oysters Rockefeller, Beef Wellington, or Napoleons that we imagine only places looking to take over Europe would serve, casual dining chains allow customers an "at your leisure" experience, often sorting payments before sitting down to eat, or operating a solely takeaway/delivery business model. However, the restaurant business is prone to taking quite a hit during economic downtime, as even food lovers tend to dine out less when money is short.

This Spark lists dining companies that operate either as casual sit-in restaurants or takeaway businesses. The symbols we have listed all have market capitalizations above 100m.

Don't forget to take your gherkins out of your burger before eating, though (unless you like 'em). DYOR before placing any trade - this list isn't advice.


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