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Interoperability Crypto: Communication station

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Interoperability crypto addresses the major problem facing the industry - allowing separate blockchains to communicate with each other. The secure nature of the system means that exchanging information between chains can be clunky at best and hair-tearing at worst. Thankfully, lots of people are proposing solutions. Interoperability crypto allows for the exchange of information and value without fear of loss or corruption. This allows blockchain with different consensus methods and protocols to work in tandem, opening up the crypto space as a result. With blockchains exchanging numbers, data between chains can be shared safely. Logistical supply chains, banking, sensitive data – you name it. Cross-chain crypto use smart contacts to ‘bridge’ transfers between blockchains.

Here are some of the best known (all established in and around the top 200 cryptocurrencies) to potentially invest in as they work to solve the problems of the future. This list doesn't constitute advice, however. DYOR before crossing over the investment bridge.