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Self-drive stocks: Cars of the future

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Self-drive or autonomous cars were once a feature of sci-fi films, seen as something that would happen way into the future. But now that future has arrived. The driverless car market is motoring on and is expected to be worth $918 billion by 2028. It coincides with many governments funding greener forms of transport such as electric cars and the idea is that they boost road safety and will cut the costs of travel.

Existing car manufacturers like Ford and GM are now stepping up to this very future, with innovative automated tech such as advanced driver-assistance technology such as stop-and-go adaptive cruise control (ACC) and automated lane-centering (ALC). On the six-level scale of autonomy, this is considered 'Level 2' - encompassing cars that are partially automated but still require a lot of driver input. Now, manufacturers are aiming for the Level 3 crown - 'conditionally automated' vehicles that could make independent decisions on the road based on the immediate environment.

This Spark consists of car manufacturers with a minimum market cap of 4bn that are currently involved in production of driverless cars above Level 2 automation. Make sure to switch off autopilot before making a trade, though, and always do your own research.