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Electric vehicle stocks: EV cars and trucks

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Initially seen as a gimmick lacking glamour, electric vehicles now seem inevitable - potentially set to mark the biggest upheaval in the motor industry since Henry Ford started his production factory in 1913. Indeed, given humanity's fight against climate change, many leading automakers have now fallen in line to get onboard with carbon-free alternatives pipped to form a 980bn industry by 2028. As for today, the industry remains a nascent sector, and its distribution has yet to be established. While Tesla currently dominate, by 2030 it's expected that China will hold 49 per cent of the global EV market, and the US just 14 percent (sorry Elon). This all may seem a while off, but as the tech surrounding batteries and production improves, EVs are likely to become more affordable.

Below, we've created a list of the biggest EV manufacturers (excluding battery or charging points companies) that have a market cap of over 300m. For this list, we've included automakers that are exclusively producing EVs - by its own estimates, General Motors will have to wait until 2035 to make the list. So make sure you plug your brain in and do your own research - this isn't trading advice.


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