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US truck stocks: State to state supply

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To think that nearly every commodity in the US is put in the back of a truck at some point, it's unsurprising that this industry garners massive value. Indeed, in 2019 truckers hauled over 70% of all freight transported in the US. With the recent progress of EV tech and the pandemic highlighting supply chain issues, businesses have been pushed into uncharted territory as pressure grows to adapt their companies to the new world. Could these changes pave the way for some new innovative players to rise the ranks?

This list is curated based on US companies that rely completely or heavily on trucking as a facet of their business, with a minimum market cap of 100m. These companies include delivery companies like FedEx, as well as haulage companies that transport goods from business to business. This is not trading advice, though. DYOR before hooting your investment horn.