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Smart contracts: Make the smart decision

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One of the most revolutionary elements of modern crypto, smart contracts help streamline digital transactions…and remove the middleman from your finances (Sorry, Helen from the Halifax Helpdesk). Introduced by Ethereum, and building on ideas pioneered by experts like Nick Szabo’s 1994 work, smart contracts are code elements that exist in a blockchain network. These are complex IF -> THEN statements that auto execute when initiated, letting buyers and sellers complete transactions in a fully decentralised system. If correctly configured, these make online transactions fully automated, transparent, traceable, and impossible to undo. Combining power and flexibility, smart contracts became a major part of second-gen crypto and form the backbone of the advanced functionality that we see in the sector today. Smart contract compliant tokens can remain flexible to future change and easy to use. Just as long as there are no bugs and issues.

This Spark lists established projects in and around the top 100 cryptos in terms of market capitalization that are running smart contracts on their network. Given smart contracts are an integral part of many crypto projects today, this list will have many familiar names. However, this list does not constitute advice, and you should always do your own research before placing a trade.