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Top altcoins: Choose your alternatives carefully

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AKA “anything but Bitcoin”, ‘altcoins’ include every single other cryptocurrency on the market. These altcoins vary in philosophy, functionality, consensus algorithm, design, and much more, ranging from stablecoins, security tokens, wrapped tokens, and… dogs. Carefully choosing your altcoins can help you take advantage of future trends, but beware. Not all that glisters is gold.

The list below is compiled of altcoins that have multiple, clear use-cases, an established presence in the top 50 cryptocurrencies (not pumping and dumping), and active development teams behind them. So, we've avoided including memecoins and put forward cryptos that are looking to innovate on the blockchain. We've also omitted stablecoins. Remember - this list does not constitute advice. DYOR and always LFTL.