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VR stocks: Get your virtual kicks

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With the rising hype surrounding the metaverse, virtual reality technology has become a big player. This tech includes but is not limited to headsets, controllers, and haptic hardware like touch feedback. While it's mostly used for entertainment and gaming, VR is also seeping into many other facets of our daily lives – even as far as business meetings in the metaverse. The industry is now forecasted to grow at unparalleled rates, so check out this Spark to see a few of the pioneering companies currently ahead of the virtual reality curve - producing VR technology to make the metaverse... reality. Well, sort of.

This Spark lists the biggest US-listed players in the VR game. All of the companies listed are those producing hardware for VR, so companies like Roblox and Snap which provide metaverse software and AR hardware respectively are excluded. We've also drawn a (virtual) line in the sand at 100m for the market cap cut off. Finally, remember that these stocks might be all about the virtual world, but the money you're investing is real – so always do your own research first.