What are the different types of published scripts?

There are 3 types of privacy/visibility that are applied to scripts:

  • Open: Every user is able to see a source code of your script, apply it to the chart & add it to favorites
  • Protected: Every user can add this script to the chart or favorites, but only the author can see the source code
  • Invite-Only: Nobody can add it to a chart without explicit permission from the author and only the author can see the source code. Please note that Invite-Only script publishing is available to Premium users only. Additionally, authors can choose to manage who can access their scripts.

Script visibility is shown in the Visibility section:

All published scripts (regardless of their visibility) can be viewed on this page. You can also search for scripts right on the chart. Click the Indicators button and open our Public Library to see the list.

You can publish any of these types of scripts both publicly and privately. To read about the difference between private and public scripts, follow this link.