If you Could Read my Lines, the story my plots would tell

kaigouthro Updated   
sum of none. master with no grand and no ground.. i have put in my 10,000 hours, i heard that was enough to master a skill.. add as many zeroes as you want i still feel it's my first day with a keyboard... i wake up each day and think of something i need to learn and improve in myself. i'm scared most of the time, and i feel alone more than i knew i could. surviving this world i live in, where my life is impossible to understand, the coffers bare and not slept in a bed in over a year, parking lot to parking lot stealing power and free wifi coding 18 hours a day.. i don't know how i'm still here.

with charts, i find something i understand, can trust, when they speak to me.. indicators are more than simply what's in front of you, but what isn't obviously seen. sometimes we miss that there's more than just the standard tools rigidly picking us up and slamming us down..

by changing the way that we listen, we expand understanding.

my days charting have taught me to speak stronger
and how to listen to what isn't said
amidst noise, distortion, and aggressive volatility
in search of tender.