current $aapl short in progress

current $aapl             short in progress. Every time i went to close it , it just kept going down

created a great technical head and shoulders on 11/20 , i was initially short of the head and closed the neck line and closed.
when the right shoulder formed and there was just no buy volume , i took another short.

If it continues to follow technicals, take profits should be ~98 bucks. (there is a huge historic trendline it might jsut bounce off of ~98.5 as well.)
But w/ earnings approaching at the beginning of Feb and Apples history of rally around it, it maybe safer to look at ~102-100 area.

I might be a buyer at sub 100 though as i believe the current market is typical index reaction to new year and end of fiscal year prep.
Comment: closed short @97.6. first trade week of the year sells are about over and the entire $NQ was showing signs of bottoming.I ended up moving my close to just above the trend line 1/6 because there was very little buying happening.