Our published chart clearly identified the LT Swing Short and ST Short levels that have been reacted to. After reaching and reacting to these levels, negative news reports have added to the selling pressure in AAPL , but it is imprtant to remember that the retrace had already begun before the news reports surfaced.

Technical traders reacted to the identified levels and have been handsomely rewarded for their actions.
Friday the 1st intermediate target of the LT Swing Short was reached to the penny and an immediate reaction has occurred. LT Swing Short sellers immediately took some profits after the $200 move and an expected short squeeze has ensued.

We have identified on the chart the AIL and ST Long entry levels that our clients were alerted to on Thursday. $57 move so far since reaching the entry level on Friday. Call options have gained more than 1500%.

The VAIS is shown on the chart with two of its' targets.

There are a number of other entries and targets that our clients were alerted to that are not on the chart since the last update as well as some not shown since Friday's price reaction. But there is more than sufficient to capture some very nice gains.


This is great, but what's next? Short again? Wait for a breakout to go long? What's your take?
$75 move since since 11/16. AIL 3rd target reached with a nice gap up. Note that the chart shows the ST Long that our analysis identified and whose targets are still a nice move above as well as the AIL 4th target.

VAIS is still holding, barely. Another AIS level identified for our clients(not shown on chart)just above.
650% profit AAPL options today.
AIL 3rd reached within about $1 for a total price move of about $65 in 3 days. Then was very aggressively sold on the 60 min chart to close about $8 down from that high This highlights the reason we stress TRLSTPs intraday when price nears the targeted price level. Even more important for option traders.

Note that VAIS has been tested about a half dozen times and is still the barrier that must be overcome before there will be any sustained intraday short covering. This is an important ST area for AAPL.

Most U.S. based investors and traders will not be participating in the market past 12:00 noon today and the lack of volume sometimes produces attractive manipulation opportunities, , aka spikes, for the HFTs and high volume option premium sellers.
AAPL call option up 2300% since Friday.