Buy signal as AAPL hits the buy zone.

As AAPL has found support on the 90 area already now twice. Stops below 90 seem appropriate and entry at this time provides a good return relative to the risk. Failure through the 90 area of support will render this buy signal a failure.
A price target of 130 and higher risking 10 points is at least a 3x risk to reward trade opportunity.
Comment: Great chart. Since 2016 it can be seen how the price action moved. Although the initial buy point hit a low of 89 and the 90 support did not fail, price action is now all over the center line where the first price target has been achieved.

Powerful to see the median line in action.
Comment: Notice how the price action respects the 150 price area the first time it touches the center line. You cannot make that up.
Trade closed: target reached