AAPL Intraday Update

Our AAPL chart http://www.tradingview.com/v/tmAPRbhK/ published 9/07 identified the ST Short that has just reached the 1st target, a move of about $98. We are not showing the time element on these charts, as that is reserved exclusively for our clients, only the price levels. So for example the first entry on the ST Short occurred on 9/14 when the price level was reached. Referring back to that chart will show that AAPL came just to the break of the LT Short but has not been able to break through. Normal market behavior in such cases is a retrace and then a subsequent test of the same level. We are experiencing the retrace and many are watching very closely the psychological and technical level of 600ish. Will it hold?

We have identified long and short levels on this updated chart but keep in mind that we are unable to show all the levels that we identify on different time-frames for our clients because they receive updates in real time and the best we can do here is to update on specific time-frames as we have the available time.

Note also that the levels we identify are high-probability levels that identify precise entries and targets. The chart clearly shows that the most profitable entries/exits occur when the majority are expecting the market to continue in the same direction. Our market analysis enables investors/traders to enter/exit with confidence at the price levels where the "smart money" reacts. Note also that the "smart money" reacts at the most profitable price level regardless of what the popular indicators levels reflect.


AIS B 3rd target reached for 2nd time.
AIS B 3rd target reached. ST Short 1st target reached. Anotherdouble bullseye. $120 retrace captured on the ST Short since 9/14/12.
"we identify on different time-frames for our clients." So I assume you provide an advisory service with greater detail... Tell me more...
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Sorry we have not responded before now to your inquiry. Just now saw it. contact info darcykinc at g mail dot com for more information. Thanks
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Do you have twitter?
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We do not employ twitter for notification purposes.
Intraday 2nd target reached, close to 3rd.