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I like this strategy in 4 h interval and its a gift from me to my followers and for whom they don't know when to buy or sale using trend , MA 20 , RSI 40 , and TSI .
If the MA 20 is not in a horizontal line :
buy :
with the 1st green candle above the MA 20 , and the line became green . Your stop loss is the bottom of that candle .confirmed by Trend broke out
RSI : in or was in oversold area and became above 30 .
TSI : +ve cross upward below zero .
Sale :
1st candle below the MA 20 and the line change color to red . confirmed by trend broke down
RSI : in overbought area or became below 70
TSI : -ve cross above zero to downside .
by this method you are going to decrease your loss by 85% .
best luck .
Thank you for this very interesting idea.

Could you answer two questions? When you say "sale," do you mean that you sell your long or that you go short? And what led you not to sell/short on 7/22?
22-7 is sell signal because the RSI in overbought area and went down below 70 , the line turned red , TSI give -ve cross , and broke down the trend . It is 4 hour interval , its for short .
another example :
RSI 14 days for correction .