Am I seeing things

KUCOIN:ADBETH   Adbank / Ethereum
Blockchain ad block on ethereum . Need I say more.
Comment: I bought a long time ago when it was 10 million. I got smashed. First time in the cypto world. I bought more at 2 million and then recently at 350,000. They have combined with two other blockchain developers and are looking like they may be a good long prayer. LOL I sold some at 750,000 from my 350,000 purchase and plan on holding. Will update as I hold.

First analysis. Haha
Comment: Looking at the hourly. Volume is up for this little booger. Expect 1 mill in 24 hours
Comment: just bounced off the fib ratio. Will see if it moves up over 1 million for good now
Comment: sold 75% and the rest will fly or die