Røkke and his secret weapon

Røkke has it all, from Bitcoin to Oil. But what he does not have, but _has_, hiding in plain sight is the key for the next great mineral adventure in Norway.
In 2023 Tina Bru, current oil minister of Norway has stated that Norway will start subsea mining. Tests and core samples done have proven to be full of the minerals we need for battery tech and other valuable minerals such as Copper, Cobalt, Zink, Silver and Gold.


This adventure could possibly be the start of a new subsea era for Norway. And the tech for doing it is not optimal yet but it will be. So, my point in this post:

Its naive to think that Røkke is not positioning himself for this. Believe me, he is. And he ALREADY has everything for this adventure, sitting in plain sight in Akastor.
What do I mean? Ill tell you.

Akastor is currently a 4-5 part company. They have vessels all on contract in Brazil and Norway. They have AGR - subsea pumps and so on. They own a massive amount of shares in Odfjell. And the main focus is in MHWirth. So, yesterday Green Minerals/Seabird Expl went for trading on Growth. But wont have anything ready yet. Hence, researching Akastor and the main focus MHWirth they have a sub category:

All Im saying is this, if Røkke wants in on subsea mining, which he most likely wants to. He already has it and noone knows.

Im not posting this as a Long or Short, the chart above will show a likely pathway, and if it happens, this is where I will buy my tits off and sit for the subsea mining adventure beginning in 2023!

Good luck.

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