Hidden gem, speculative but huge up-side!! LONG

Highly speculative stock! However, historically this company has shown great potential! During the period 2014-2017 it was growing at 50-70% growth rate. The stock had therefore increased up to 36 euro per share.

Last year the stock lost a lot of value due to the stop of a B2B contract and full focus on B2C. This had huge impact on the share, but the current growth has again picked up.

Website traffic has grown 200% in a single year ( similarweb )
They have acquired the market leader of France in a cheap deal at EUR5mm actual price paid (as half was in equity)
They have just reported 50%+ growth for quarter (on 26th of June)!! That is amazing news

The share price had initial reaction to 9.50 per share, but somehow pushed back with huge volumes (probably old investor getting out). See volume last 2 weeks, but now great opportunity to wait for growth rates to stay at this size and see the share price grow!!

This stock might grow 4x current value in 1-2 years. That is 100% per year.