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NASDAQ:ARNA   Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Arena is now a pipeline company, with three phase 2's this year for now the algos have this until we get see some results and we let loose. JPM update was the golden egg, please see slides for more information (

Poor $OREX longs never learn, holders now after reading the ARNA CC transcript its like a Rolls Royce to a Ford KA, ARNA has eisai paying all exp . and still takes 20% of revs,and the PIPELINE is the rainmaker!

Overview on pharma as an industry?

Alzheimers disease is the global emergency and health in general we are all living longer and making it to be 70 and 80 and eventually 130 and150 years old.

The problem is the focus, Parkinsons, Alzheimers and ageing in general take up so much time. Governments are satisfied with dealing with the research and leaving the application side to the pharma companies, that is not a great connection. For example anti ageing is very hard in our current framework to achieve as a company, the FDA is not set up for it, the patent office is not set up for it. You could make a great anti ageing drug and lose all of your money trying to back.

You need a 10-20 year project to defeat Alzheimers, it is the one case where government spending is actually warranted, like the moon landing.

Its a wonderful thing for society, the world should start a drug company to focus on these areas, the one area they could partner up. In the same breath we have done a great job for cancer research has been almost miraculous, PD1 inhibitors have been really successful and cancer in general is starting to be done with.
Comment: Lorcaserin suppresses oxycodone self-administration & relapse vulnerability in rats -
Comment: up 20% after hours
Comment: Q4 revenue 400% up on consensus
Comment: and there we have it... markets have spoken!