Tight Bollinger Bands, Ready for a POP!

American Science and Engineering (ASEI) is currently in a trading range for the past six week. Notice that volatility is contracting as the Bollinger Bands narrow. In particular, ASEI traded between 65.00 and 66.00 for the past 10 days, which is a very tight range for this volatile stock. ASEI only has a little more than 8 million shares outstanding. Watch these levels along for the next directional signal. If bands tighten up even further, I would expect a very big POP!

Fundamentals/ Financial Calendar

- ASEI Earnings Announcements Monday, February 4
- ASEI is also in the U.S. Defense/Homeland Security stock sector. Which means ASEI will be greatly effected by the debt ceiling and auto spending cuts.

Option Strategy

-very low open interest so limit option buying

Straddle February 66.00 or 65.00 Strikes


For more bang for you buck, an option strangle

60.00 / 55.00 (more risk) March Puts (when March options become avail. next week if this trade is still in a tight range)
70.00 / 75.00 (more risk) March Calls


When the Bands get tight on this one, put in a strangle option play. 3/3
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This one is back in the bands. What do you think now?
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Hi Abe

I would wait. If ASEI does pop price action wouldn't be as great as the last volatile move.
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Nailed it!
rEALLY Like this example. Good for a strangle as you mentioned