AUDJPY - Shorting 2017 New High

FX_IDC:AUDJPY   Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen
If you get stopped out you have two choices:

1) Wait for price to reach the next key level before re-entering
2) If analysis completely wrong then plan for opportunity in opposing direction

I got my last AJ short idea completely wrong but that doesnt matter as long as you define your risk according to much larger rewards.

Warm Regards

Rodrigo Antonio
Trade active: Stopped has covered entry and now this trade is #BULLETPROOF
Comment: The volatility that spiked above the previous highs then reversed demonstrated the mass psychology of the market in bring this pair down.

Trade is a counter trend trade so I wont be holding position for very long!
Trade active: Profits have been taken and remaining position left running to maximise this winning trade. No matter what happens I have made money!

Rodrigo Antonio.