BITTREX:BSVUSD   Bitcoin SV / US Dollar
2021 has only a few months left.
Let's look at March 2020 to now.

BSV barely managed a 4x
BTC complete trash managed a 20x
Fundamentals mean nothing.

My plan for 2021 is to sell 90% of all of my crypto and keep only 10% in BSV .
That being said. If I am not holding BSV past December, I shouldn't even buy it for the speculative value.

I currently have 150 BSV I will never sell no matter what. Worth about $50,000
I currently have 6 million SHUA I bought with crypto profit from earlier this year.
I have $500,000 USD I am ready to put into crypto for June - December blow off top

I don't need any more BSV exposure. I have it covered.
If Craig Wright get knighted, nobel prize, and a blowjob from Elon Musk , then maybe, just maybe BSV could pump like a decent amount.
This is not likely to happen. This is the most hated coin in the entire universe.
If someone remade bitconnect, people would recommend it over BSV .
If someone made a Craig Wright Is A Fraud Coin on ethereum , it would have a higher market cap than BSV .
And this bull run is almost done. BSV will have it's turn next bull run.

It would take institutional demand, celebrity endorsements, cointelegraph actually reporting about BSV progress, social media promotion instead of attacks.
People post interesting things about BSV and get literally 3 comments on twitter . THREE
BSV might be the greatest invention in the history of the universe, but that does not mean it is going to win without help.

I have 10% in BSV and a ton in SHUA.
I will gamble the rest on trashcoins this year.

When the top is near this December, I will put 10% of my total into BSV and sell everything else into USD.


Very good take.

Unfortunate that so much damage has been done by liars, propagandists and cheats, but this is what we have to deal with. I own a good amount too, and will never sell my main stack. I own no other crypto, as I have yet to see something as useful as BSV.
You seem wise tbh. Seems like solid plan.
Its May and 2021 is all out of months... a sob story by greed