BTC1! Intra day situation.

CME:BTC1!   Bitcoin CME Futures
Hi, First, a sequence that I will repeat sometimes. I have no idea what the market will do, only what I can influence is the implementation of my strategy. If the market makes certain assumptions, I emphasize if, in the marked places, I want to connect to a specific direction ..

I have no convictions about the direction and no expectations. BTC is at its highs, and I think it should spend some time here before determining the direction.

Definitely, if I were pro long, I wouldn't want to see the market trading in large volumes in the blue zone (somewhere around 43,000-42,000). And the more that the zone is run over. This is an area where the price has been rejected and is potentially an opportunity for long positions. Activity there could be a hint that there is no acceptance for higher prices.

Good luck.