Curb your enthusiasm - there should be one more dip to buy

CME:BTC1!   Bitcoin CME Futures
Gaps always fill.
I did go through 6 months of charts once though, and believe me it's true. Every CME Bitcoin futures weekend gap filled within a month.
This isn't that chart. It's just a friendly reminder that for a spot position, there's likely to be a better entry than right now coming up soon.

Not advice. Past doesn't always resemble future. Or vice-versa.


There is a gap at 12k and maybe it will fill first come first serve...
@alienteck, Oh well spotted sir. It's not a science, but I believe the size of the gap and how long ago it was also matter.
alienteck SimpleCryptoLife
There is a $30 gap around 9200 as well but not sure how significant that one is.. But a $500 one is definitely worth watching..
@alienteck, hey buddy you were right.
I count this as filled: