cost about 500 to 800 RMB to mine a btc, shocked?

How much it cost to get a btc if you are miner?
Here is the real story, friend of mine invested 300K RMB, and right now he is making about 1 btc per day, cost of mining btc is around 500 to 800 RMB per coin , no more than 800 according to him, cost will be a little higher in summer, since needs more power to cool off the machine, so here we go, summer!!!!. He is happy to sell at 1600RMB, so I finally understand why it became hard to even hit 1600RMB, because they already made 100% profit at 1600!!

Right now the world is making around 1500 to 3700 btc per day (if you know better, correct me). high pressure for the market to digest with current volume . So keep it more realistic when you are waiting for huge pump, not easy.
But with better market, price of mining equipment will go higher, cost of mining will go up, then we can wish enter a new circle, a bull market that everybody waiting for.

Short now!!!