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Already crafted a scalp position as noted here on the chart, using White Heat. Looking for these every session we are live and then tally. Sincerely, Beauty

For the next forty-three days, we will be bringing you daily four hour beta-casts of Chart. Chat. Connect.™ AND Coin. Chat. Connect.™
For TradingView Chartists Worldwide / LIVE on YouTube via my channel, TheBeautyBubble. Subscribe & follow.

Lesson. One reason you would look at the one minute is when price begins to challenge support/resistance . A quick glance can help you see the stablity of the move. ~Beauty

The Gift Of Imagination is My Wish For TradingView & All The Chartists & Traders Throughout The World. Happy New Years.


I never have any idea about 90% of what your talking about.

White heat ? Tally ? Beta-casts of Chart. Chat. Connect ? Coin. Chat. Connect ?
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...very confusing
What is White Heat?

This is a project I am working on to present to a group of coders & developers, traders and chartists. As a candidate for a future indicator, 3rd party add-on OR GitHub repository (I think that is what it is called.)

What is Ruby?

Here is a copy/paste from a blog post that may describe Ruby for you.DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION PURPOSES. Ruby deploys or utilizes a stacking of Exponential Moving Averages (EMA's) that serve to mimic the highly effective bot(s). The EMA's are working in tandem to produce entry levels that are sound and eliminate the noise of the market. The sequence and proper reading of the EMA's is essential, as with any market indicator. Ruby is not a trading strategy and is not intended to demonstrate a trading strategy. The essential EMA's are . And, you are probably wondering now, why so many. Each one serves to plot out visually an entry level, a no trade zone, a weakening of strength, and potentially the location of where to place a stop. Will Ruby be able to do all this on a flat plane chart, we don't know yet, but we are going to be pushing the envelope in all ways possible. Think of Ruby as part of the new generation of indicators, having every talented member of a vibrant community focused on her potential and yes her flaws. As a candidate for the Creator Group I you will be asked many times to find the "cracks," seek out the instruments and the time-frames in which Ruby is not functioning. Also, to mark your charts with your perception of Ruby producing "sound" entries.
Ruby is asking you to suspend belief as it were so at the end of her brief time with the Creator Group I she can stand inside TradingView . And, with all respect, no matter what, Ruby will be presented the first week of January 2014 to the team of TradingView. From that point on, soon enough, in their fine hands, we will know if we have hit on something or not; and, if a community of chartists from all over the world can come together and build something useful, sound, and what could be the beginning of a whole new generation of indicators. Be of good cheer, bring your "A" game always. Remember please Ruby is open source, and everything you offer to put into her building out, is out of your own will, to be part of, Creator Group I. Thank you, Sincerely, Beauty

What is Chart. Chat. Connect.™ AND Coin. Chat. Connect.™ For TradingView Chartists Worldwide?

Both of these products are outreaches to test the efficacy of bringing voice to the charts. The ideal is to have each chartist be able to open a discussion, a live discussion immediately with any chart, in any time-frame, at any time. To discuss their thoughts, observations, news, and charting techniques. And, now with YouTube LIVE in testing currently, we believe there will be sufficient data and information to encourage an open voice portal within the TradingView charts.
Dear flibbr, What would you like to know? It's best to hear me out at one of the live voice-to-chart sessions we have for TradingView. I am not sure I can describe to you what a trade tally is or a profit/loss statement. As for the broadcasts that are in beta, well that is what those are. And the outreaches, Coin and Chart.Chat.Connect. are also beta products to bring voice to the charts. Hope this helps. Oh, and White Heat is a product I am working on. Sincerely, Beauty
flibbr BitcoinMedusa
I would like to know.

So I'm' assuming by tally you just mean tally up your profit / loss.
Okay so the broadcasts is what I joined on youtube, got that one now.

Still remaining under-understandable is;
What is this white heat your talking about ?
What is 'ruby' ?
What is Coin and Chart ?
What is Chart Chat Connect ?