MACD modification with PINE script

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My goal was to combine MACD and PSAR into one easy to read line, hopefully I succeeded.

PINE script available here:

Questions or comments are welcome!


yep this looks great
Sweet.!!!. Thanks... could you do this for Fisher Transform and MACD?... I merge those two together all the time. It makes for a great change in trend indicator...
Are the red lines indicative of a strong force in the trend? An explanation would be cool.

Good work btw!
liw0 KPEI
Oh sorry forgot to add that the colors (Red and Green) change depending on if the Parabolic SAR is rising or falling. So if you believe that PSAR and MACD are good indicators it can be used quite profitably.
I just wanted less clutter on my chart and more open space, that's why I created the script.
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Damn, man, this is beautiful. Please explain to me what's going on the bottom and how it relates to the MACD. I know good and understanding the code.