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Looks like a corrective structure is making ,still too early to tell but very soon we will see. If it is then buying the break out would be a NICE long term position trade .For now I am neutral.
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Good overview, although I expect a dip down first into the $22X price area and then a strong move up, maybe next week.

P.S. I recommend to use OKCoin charts (BTCCNY) for more precise analysis. Bitstamp is not the leading exchange anymore. A large hedge fund is also trading there (https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/okcoin-confirms-new-three-billion-euro-hedge-fund-trading-exchange/).
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This will be very interesting.
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The "B" wave in the 4th (if this is a wedge) went sideways more than I expected but the up move is now in play. If it's a wedge then one more move down before it breaks out . If the correction is an abc flat then this up move will break out. In any case this pattern is expected to break to the up side.

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sideways then up?
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