Grape 3h : Imminent big correction

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Grape is an amazing tool to show when to open short position.

Each time MACD and SAR             change to show a downtrend, we can be pretty sure about a big crash/ correction.

We are actually in a critical area on the 3h graph, it prouved to be really reliable these days and we should fall soon.

Edit : Buy in target is the 400-450$ area ->
looks like grape was wrong
LeMogwai PRO donniebrasco
grape wasn't wrong , i was. i thought the macd and the SAR would have changed in the blue area (
)also on the 4h to follow the 3h, they didn't.
The 3h wasn't reliable this time, but i expect the 4h to be better even if it's too laggy.
It's just changed on the 4h, take a look :
Grape is never wrong... it's never wrong.... never...
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