BEAR TRAP up ahead!

We all know BTC needs some correction. ORDER BLOCKS always get rejected at least up to three times. A fall must take place from a rejection. There is no chart read as of yet where BTC will land in order to bounce back up.
This is one trade I would not want to enter or stay. ATR is not to be messed with until correction is made. NYSE is up and so BTC is following. If NYSE decides to dump, BTC will follow. Not always the case and is today.

Somewhere at some arrow for a dip correction.
Linking chart

I judge trading on a daily basis: as BTC moves up and down. There is a target before a crash according to FOREX.
Later I will redo this chart from way back and add a safe zone on knowing where to exit according to the Bankers contraction.

Also, I’ve said this before, if you’re a short term trader, most recent ideas, I’d look carefully at them. Long term traders, obviously you bought way back and there is no reason to sell (seeking your own financial advice).

Never get on top of a BULL when he’s angry. Especially if it’s been abused by FOREX.
Order cancelled:
Past few days and today was more than a bull run. This was a BULL-HULK on the loose. All Analysis was off the record.
Felt as if this BULL turned into Godzilla.
One thing for sure. Once all comes back to normal, all TA plus whatever trading strategies I, you, and others have to execute trades will be back to normal.
Every market out there which worked along with BTC was voided out, no way to consider them when there’s a bull on the loose.

TWO BEARISH ORDER BLOCKS were destroyed. I’m sure we will have a dip somewhere for some minor correction but I promise, forex will catch short traders by surprise.

I dare not write out an idea, it’s to soon, it’s like telling a drug user who’s under the influence, go run for president.
I gotta make sure this BULL gets restrained. Not that I don’t want for BTC to have more value. By all means I wish it hit the highest ever price.

Any how, many of you will get to learn to know me by knowing me as a SAFE short trader which will open for more gains for traders to enjoy.

Would I regret SELLING within the BEAR TRAP if I was ever in the trade. I have 3 words for you; NO, NO, and NO. I’ve learned GREED kills and has killed my gains in my past. If you respect your cash flow, it will respect you back.
Signals and all algorithms can be managed but when smart money decided to go big and ignore their manipulations there’s no way to tell so that’s why my algorithm will work out for me to keep me safe.

There’s always a next time, what’s the hurry:)
As there seems to be some dip, this may return to the bear trap or within the order block. From there I’ll have a broad wider look on what to expect.
If NYSE doesn’t go above +15% but goes a little negative; no more than 20%. BTC can have some movement momentum.
NYSE at -14% keeps BTC in value for now
As of now, BTC may have a dip over -1%. If NYSE KEEPS DIPPING
Correction to -1.00% plus
Here is long term idea

Who’s ready for a bull run (not like before) way above +1.20% in the next few moments? As of now BTC is at +0.40%.
This will take place from now and in the next few somewhat.
Many thought I was full of it, but what I said before sfilll stands. BTC above +1.20% plus.
Mates and for all who read this. This idea was intended as BTC was on a Low-Speed Bull Run before the High-Speed Bull run took place.
We all know at some point BTC would surpass the OB or get Bear trapped because at times that’s how smart money works. Order Blocks work but in my algorithm I void them out when a coin goes high-speed bullish because we never know where it’s gonna end. From 1 OB I go to the next and I focus if there’s a dip along with an up trend for newer OB.
So this idea was suppose to be a correction before another bull run. At some point BTC will have a big correction. Just not yet. Therefore I canceled this idea while the high-speed bull run was in process.
Below my comments read APJP6869 comment. I agree with most of his comment from what I know.
Finally I stopped getting likes on this canceled idea.
Mates, not sure why all this likes, not sure why since I made it clear from long ago this chart was void. I’ve explained why already.
As for those who follow me; please ignore such likes, the likes keeps maintaining this idea to the top of the list. Many are deceived who don’t follow me because ya get my update comments not them unless they read out or follow me.
Many traders all they look is at my falling arrows BTC falling and Judge me by that without even being diligent by reading what I’ve said but you have and thank you for not going along with bad comments I’ve received.
I’m hoping all likes would stop and then again, no for such reasons lol
More targets to hope for, view and follow the green and golden candlestick's top white wave, points down for the future downside then moves up. First $47k plus

New private idea with price action & trend line patterns

WELL WHAT DO WE KNOW! Well I know BTC is not crashing and what I do know is I never thought this BEAR TRAP UP AHEAD might come to be. I knew there would be a correction but a bull trap held many by surprise.
Recent update, I did not know my image of a bear biting the Bull was prophecy lol.
Based on my most recent idea, anything below $43k, short traders must of taken diligence.

Albert Lopez

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