Underneath Bollinger Band moving up to cause a DANGER FALL. Again, please view two blue arrows.
My CORRELATION still reads a FALL IN PROGRESS. Long term traders are safe. Smart money technology included.

BTC will recover from the fall. As BTC begins to fall, those set prices are possibilities. I’m leaning more in the $45k to 46K zone after the fall, BTC will regain momentum with a POWERFUL BULL on its way.
My idea has that extra 1K dip because that’s where it reads with data collected compared to other ideas.
I’ve also taken into thought in whale movements.
Smart money has helped me determine where the trend goes.
Always remember when many said BTC was doomed, I’ve read into:
1. Smart money behavior
2. Smart money Momentum
3. smart money Graphs
4. Volume set only for smart money
5. Smart money Histogram
6. Smart money Comparison
7. Data
8. Retail traders

All above helped me stay positive knowing BTC wasn’t doomed.
Maybe it is but does not show it is or on its way for destruction.
Remember, I judge BTC by the hour time chart and many others (The 1 hour is GOLD) then by day meaning the day from the calendar not time frame.

My data shows no later than 2/14 but always expect a little later.
Comparing yesterday’s top bollinger Band in this previous idea and now compare it to WHALES LOW VOLUME which shows the curve moving downwards, as if it was a divergence trend wave.

Smart money self pretending to moving up the candlesticks to look as if BTC still has life but then they sell to dip. Many retail traders get enticed this way.
BTC has no bull power left within the candlesticks.
Remember last night, how many traders got enticed at $48,600. I’m sure hundreds of thousands did. Some of those sold for losses, some will hold etc.
Remember, 46K was where BTC was to stop for a dip. Correction is a for sure in the 46K zone.
$45k to $47k zones
Retail traders are selling, price goes up due to their losses. This makes retail traders think there’s more to BTC.
Whales buy as well but then dips through their sells.
Manipulation has started also Keep in mind, if smart money does not meet their threshold through their enticing to retail traders, they will add more funds to really make us believe there’s no Fall.

A retail trader asked me last night, BTC keeps rising the bar.
Emotionally we can get caught in the fishing net. We should never enter a trade because momentum shows bullish.
By next week depending if there’s a change on BTC on the positive side.
Probable different scenario for next week, if retail traders sold for losses while the whales kept the price up, this can change a different direction for next week but for now, looks dangerous to enter as a short term trader.
Long terms are safe.
My correlation shows NYSE will decline huge tomorrow, this will go along with whales low volume. Big bear decline.
Be ready mates big fall.
Correlation histogram shows about 1k extra spike, this came as a signal at 4pm pt.
WHALES LOW VOLUME: what to expect.
As of now, we have a critical 4 sells alert signal. This does not mean I’m telling you to sell. This is your choice, all I say is for my own prediction and entertainment. Seek your own financial advice.

Since 2pm pt, Squeeze momentum selling alarm.
Correlation shows dip sometime by tonight or by tomorrow.
Bear divergence shows right at the brim to the edge ready to fall. Closer than we expect.
Candlesticks up move shows upwards and my divergence reversal waive has been moving downwards since yesterday.

Maybe 1 more day to actually know a full picture of a dip since there was nothing but manipulation since yesterday afternoon which shows to have ended about 1 hour ago by the whales.

If I really need that one day, by then will be to late because NYSE opens at 6:30am pt.

We have to expect a dip before 6:30am pt because many will be exiting.

What to hope for? If retail traders keep the buying powerful there can be more of an uptrend but going back there’s been nothing but sells moving downwards until now since 2/9 at 10am pt. Whales have pretended to be in the game powerfully which have not but only to a certain degree.

Since many retail traders aren’t to much in the trade, BTC has lost some power, all there needs to happen is whales giving each other that signal to click on the sells button to dip.
New updated idea, must see red box value zones.

As of now, I’ve said before, rapid fast spikes are headed for destruction. Retail traders aren’t causing this, smart money columns with prices are growing rapidly huge, this did not happen since our last bull run.
When this happens, then comes a dip. This might be our last up move.
You all know, the longer the candlestick, the greater the fall.

Albert Lopez

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