BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Positions size: 100% (9,830 USD)
Leverage: 20x


target looks good, may be able to hit $400 or more though. nice chart.
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So, you still leveraged?
We established no leverage at the start of the game, buyonpurple (who is mod of the game) made this clear. please play by the rules.
Sungam fontas1
purple proclaimed himself "mod of the game" lol. I never agreed to that. I don't care what you think we established :D the rules are the same as the rules on the real market.
We are not going to to change the rules only to comfort you :D I'm ready to take huge risk on this trade. Why should I not be able to profit proportionally to the risk I'm ready to take ? If you are afraid of taking calculated risk you shouldn't have started this game in the first place.
Magnus, deleverage the position. I said no leverage. Also, you published the chart already in profit.