What to do with uncommitted part of the capital in USDT or BTC

BINANCE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Hello everyone,
We often experience situations when we have to hold spot positions for a long time or just hold cryptocurrency in Stable Coins.

At the moment, the cryptocurrency market infrastructure has grown, and traders now have a huge choice of tools for passive income. We have tried different services, exchanges for trading accounts, and staking during the last 6 months. So we decided to share the best decisions in terms of safety and profitability.

Important! Never keep your capital in one place. No one is protected from hacking or the disappearance of an "exchange. It is best to keep some part of your capital in a cold wallet and use the remaining part on several exchange platforms.

Binance Swap.
For BTC , in our opinion, the ideal product is the Binance Swap. (
You temporarily give part of your BTC to provide liquidity in the BTCWBTC pair. The average rate is 3-5%, sometimes it increases to 7% per annum . Binance also shares with you a part of the commission from deals.

You can also place there your Stable Coins. For example, BUSDT/USDT, USDT/DAI, and others. All rates are different, but on average, it is from 4 to maybe 12% annually.

Okex / Huobi lending
On these two exchanges, you can lend your USDT for a fixed time and interest. On average, it is 7-10% per year.

The other instruments that we tested were either extremely insecure or had too low a return rate.
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