Shanghai Composite vs. bitcoin

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China has been described as leading the bitcoin market in trading and volume .

I have compared the Shanghai Composite vs the price of bitcoin .

As the Shanghai has surged since July, the price of bitcoin has dropped. I have labeled why. CNY 1 trillion of "Pledged Supplementary Lending" PSL to the China Development Bank was announced mid -July. This was later dubbed QE lite. Also since July margin trading has surged massively.

Leverage has proved a potent accelerant. Margin trading in Shanghai and Shenzhen has doubled since July to 800 billion yuan ($130 billion), notes Chen Long at GaveKal Dragonomics.

According to Zero Hedge, "A bigger factor may be a great rotation among retail investors who make up the bulk of mainland traders. Stocks have been moribund since rising to bubble levels and then crashing in 2007. Households turned instead to property and high-yielding shadow banking products. Both of those have now lost favor. Property prices are falling, while wealth management products are being squeezed by regulators, and in a few cases failing to pay back in time or in full."

Then In November, there was a rate cut, which is a boon for equities as well as property and housing market, couple with A shares being made available to global investors, causing a wealth effect.

What does this all mean? The Chinese have better places to put their money right now and will continue to into the near future. Aside, from trading bitcoin , there is no accumulation going on and way better places to make money. This is my guess anyway.