Hash Ribbons: An Infallible Bitcoin Bull Indicator?

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The Hash Ribbons is a technical indicator developed specifically for Bitcoin by Charles Edwards that uses the network’s hash rate and its moving average to generate potential buy signals. This indicator is seen by many as a representation of the fundamental health of the Bitcoin network and has been widely adopted by traders and investors to pinpoint potential buying opportunities.

How Does the Hash Ribbons Work?

Hash Ribbons combine two moving averages of Bitcoin's network hash rate: a short-term moving average and a long-term moving average. When the short-term average crosses above the long-term average, a buy signal is generated. This signal is often represented by a blue arrow or dot on the chart.

Historical Analysis of the Blue Signal:

Delving into historical data, there's a fascinating trend associated with this particular signal.

On the Weekly Chart: The blue signal appeared on August 7, 2023. Historically, out of the last 14 occurrences of this signal on a weekly chart, Bitcoin's price increased 13 times.

On the Daily Chart: The blue signal was observed on August 12, 2023. Overall, this signal has shown up 19 times on the daily chart. Intriguingly, out of these 19 occurrences, Bitcoin's price only decreased on one occasion following the signal's emergence.


If history is any indication, the Hash Ribbons signal offers a high probability of bullish movement for Bitcoin. Of course, as with any technical indicator, it's pivotal to use Hash Ribbons in conjunction with other tools and analyses to make informed decisions.

It's also crucial to remember that past performance is not indicative of future results. However, the historical data tied to the Hash Ribbons clearly shows it's an indicator worth closely monitoring for potential Bitcoin buying opportunities.

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