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Selby Margin Trading Rules 1.1

1.Trading Working Hours: 01:00UTC Monday thru 21:00UTC Friday take off all weekends and holidays. Only begin margin trading after 30 minutes of reviewing all instruments and timeframes.

2. Margin Forecasting: Charts are built on the 11/15min. using data from Heikin Ashi candle wicks. Identify entry/exit on the 1,2,3min. chart using moving average crossover intersections based on the Fibline Glance indicator set to: 100,100,0.1, 40 ,0.1

3. Risk management: Maximum leverage on any position long or short is 70X . The position size should be based on weekly "working capital" and not total life savings. Formula for position size is a 5X position can use up to 95% and a 70X position can use up to 30%.

4. Enter limit order long/short and then set limit exit to take profit (TP) at the next short term Fibonacci level. Moving average crossovers in higher timeframes 14,21,33,48min. the 1-6hr. and 1day will confirm market direction for successful trade.

5. "THINGS TO AVOID" Greed - Bragging - FOMO

6. -2%-20% RULE: Always close negative positions. Look for a retrace opportunity to exit but if trade falls below (-2% on a 5X) or (-20% on a 70X ) for more then 30min. set a stop loss limit order to prevent loss of time and a potential liquidation.

7. 60/ 40 Split: To maximize margin profit, stay out while awaiting confirmation of market direction, the entry must be caught at the Fib. Think/Chart 3-steps ahead, do not rush yourself into a position. Wait a few minutes between entry/exit. "3-Strikes" If you have three bad trades during the workday stop for 24hrs.

8. (TP) TAKE PROFIT: Cash-out at the end of the week into btc /fiat and pull 10% of net gains out of cyberspace forever. Work as long as you like on any day during the week, but remember not every day of the work week is always a good trading day.

Selby finding creative patterns in charts on Tradingview
Not advice for investing, but I am one to watch
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