The Death of Bitcoin

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Ladies and Gentlemen, i present the obvious Death of Bitcoin. Many expected this moment coming and now it's there. After the next smooth journey to moon, or the next journey to let's say $5,000, $7,000 $10,000 (?) the bitcoin will die a sudden death (and with it many more). This will be the point where greed will win over reason, being the moment all the world will see the bitcoin fail within the next few months. Probably in November or December, just my guess. Hundreds of families who invested all their family savings in asia will be ruined including all the casinos, shops and investors will suffer, how bad. Will you be in the next journey to moon? This is a game with fire now.
Yes, many have said that before but now it's serious. Why? Just look at the price dude. You're moving millions and millions of dollars around, what the heck are you even doing? When it comes down to it, dollars are all that count. Grounding will be hard, i predict a price lock under 1000, maybe 300. After the future of the coin is at stake, it will reveal that it is unsuitable for practical things like fast payment without third party provider and mining is a waste of ressources, other, newer, commercial blockchain developments will take the place and the hype will be vanish in unimportance where it came from. Furthermore all the inside trades which eat themself up in all their greed will reveal, some exchanges had already to leave, you know, and still big players make the market. I don't want to be part in this no matter the winnings. Have fun. However, if you look in the order book selling 1 satoshi for 1 million dollar, thats probably me. See you on the moon.
LOL. How many times was this article run through Google translate?
Yet another "It's going to die, it can't keep going up! It will crash!" opinion with absolutely 0 undestanding of the cryptocurrency economy.
"dollars are all that count"

Laughable. What's less than "Amateur?" That's what you are.
The whole crypto-junk (is an illusion ... a trap) comes from Illuminati (who - as an inventor - hide under various pseudonyms).
They started with bitcoin ... but now they brought forth more crypto-things, which are already known or will be presented.

That's why in the public everything is about the crypto-money without transparency, without trace ... lies are published, but no one knows where it started ...

So I say it now clearly: crypto-junk-inventors are: Illuminati with their number 6 and 13, which is also hidden in crypto money ... but the name comes from KRYPTON!!!

It is important to know, that Krypton has radioactive Isotope ... destructive, so they have taken the concept of krypton ... krypto(n)-coin are supposed to act like the radioactive strings and harm people.

Krypton is a chemical element with the element symbol Kr and the order number 36.
3 plus 6 = 9
9 is the reverse 6

In the periodic system it is in the 18th main group (or 8)
1 plus 8 = 9
9 is the reverse 6

In total of the crypton are 31 isotopes known, as well as 10 other core isomers.

And now: the only radioactive krypton isotope is 85Kr.

8 plus 5 = 13

Illuminati are devilish, and all that comes from them must have to do with the number 6 or 13.

Bitcoin was only the first test phase!

Their motive is clear!

Illuminati want to put the entire world under their own control and rule as a world elite.

Their program includes:

1. the cash ban, then the fiat money abolish with provoked financial crash (very soon!!!),
2. normal people inject a chip and to overthrow,
3. greatly reduce (kill) the world's population;
4. define a new world government
5. world police
6. world army (to point 5. & 6. - for the perverse purposes of the Illuminati, here are to serve the humans which are manipulated with brain-chip and dehumanised as cyborgs),
7. a new world religion - of Illuminati legally for every citizen's commitment
8. krypto as a world money - which can be definitely controlled only by them,
9. and finally - control, manipulate and subjugate the whole world in every sequence of life

In addition to, I would like to mention that on the world market - with the bitcoin - they move themselves supply and demand and they master the course as they please.

My expectation: at 6666 there could be a bitcoin-kolapps ... then they will present another Kr-coin ... so that blind people can always be manipulated and magnetically attracted to like it... like the possessed ones.

The whole scenario is intelligent - from its angle of view - but from my: extremely evil and for the normal citizen extraordinarily evil and annihilating.
This what I write has nothing to do with a conspiracy theory ... it is a bitter reality ... illuminati (bilderberg group & masons and jesuits) are everywhere ... the Fed, all major banks, hospitals, universities, associations , movies- and music industry, scientists, economists, medical and pharmaceutical industries, food industry, car and sport, programmers, churches, presidents ... etc.

Everything you buy has code 666 ... or signs of the pyramid ... or the all-seeing eye ... with their signs and symbols in company logos or products, they want to say we are everywhere ... we determine, we control, we rule, we see everything ... you are our slaves ...

Do not believe in a future without Illuminati plan ... THE TIME WILL EVOLVE EVERYONE... with time everyone will be convinced. ...

But at the right time the sky will intervene and destroy Illuminati together with all its satanic plans ...

There is a better future ... with the ONE who has never lied ... who is the true ruler and the only king of the universe, it is worth placing one's life and heart in his hands ... KING OF THE LOVE ... JESUS CHRIST.

open your eyes (and heart)!

jaszsantai NeverNO
@NeverNO, yes this all illuminati works, thats why most investor come from china japan & korea.illuminati with evil intention design new system which people can control their on money.this is very very bad for current banking system..why rotchild do all this things?
complete wrong analysis... may be you are new to crypto...
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TOTALLY WRONG, Crypto is future, is like when dollar came strong after 1º and 2º war, banks started making money out of nothing and the money became more dependent from country stability. Crypto is going to be free of that when the global economy falls, you can't say that from a new version of economy, your are the banks that doesn't accept the change because don't wanna loose I don't know what. Crypto is the future for better distribution of money and thats why rich people don't want it because more people will be able to make money out of nothing just like them =). If you wanna be paying your houses at double or triple price please lose your faith in crypto and give capitalism more power. If you want an economic revolution be a good trader and dont listen this the time will say not a person or persons. PD this revolution is unstoppable the prices are crazy but we are just in the beginning
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majic92 FernandoMocer
@FernandoMocer, yu said bullshit crypto is dependent of FIAT, if Fiat market crash crypto will follow, because bitcoin is mainstream crypto,exchange have take controle of bitcoin, yu have need cash monnaie for buy bitcoin it's whales crypto, sorry but it will fail soon.
majic92 majic92
@majic92, but i want not be against bitcoin and all crypto, I was part of first adopters, i see évolution of crypto now i think is no good because it is just speculation market, Investors have lost the reason and pump this thing as soda, there is clear manipulation of exchange on the price, decentralization is not under way kill mainstream, is mainstream which kill decentralization, technically bitcoin will never replace a gold nugget...think there ;)
Not bit coin but block change is the future in time we will see
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