BTC First Time Above the Clouds on Daily since Bear Started

Just pointing out that we have broken above the Ichimoku clouds for the first time on the daily since falling below them in November, 2021, when the bear market began. This doesn't necessarily meant he bear is over. The last bull run, the cloud broke TWO times before we started the bull. However, in the 2018 crypto winter bear, which the current bear is much more resemblant of, the bear ended the first time we broke through the clouds. The first cycle, it took a couple times. This recovery looks very strong though relative to historic piercings of the clouds. Very torn right now on what will happen in the next little while. After 2 weeks, if we maintain our position above the cloud, as it turns green, then I believe we will be in another situation like 2018 when the first pierce above the cloud was indeed the end of the bear.