Correction cycle possibly complete - valid EW count.

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This is a simple and valid alternaitve count to an ending diagonal for the C wave. more plausible also, because sentiment around the 266 mark is overwhelming, and 400 is proven and tested support. hopefully the next bubble will commence.
Nice work on the Elliott waves.

Hard to tell exaclty which waves are primary or minor as some A's are smaller. This is a standardized way of doing it. with the (( )) or ( ) or just none.

It does look like the ABC of the wave has played out for what I may assume is the cycle wave.

Either way this looks like a new wave has started for that cycle and that the 1st wave has ended and the second has yet to turn around. In which case there may just happen to be a sharp increase to break this bear trend. Or we may just retrace slightly back to just above where wave 1 started then go back up. The possibilities...

chessnut ItisCalvin
yeah I forgot to put in the last C. Thanks for link,
the resembelance to the last cycle is uncanny. lets hope history repeats its self.
Im sure either way that we are range bound for the moment, and we should not be expecting dooms day.