Cautiously Bullish On Cryptos

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
I have made more than I could have hoped for during this last month on many alts, harmony has been good - not great so I’m going to look to take profits on my alts including $one into the next rally above 51k

Then once btc goes above it’s all time high I will re enter on the first pullback. I am going to be cautious not bearish and I urge others to be cautious during this phase.

! This is either a bull run or a bull trap !

Anything could happen, no one knows what’s next so it’s best to take profits and wait to see what happens next. Your either going to have to HODL and risk a potential sell off or take profits and miss the ride between 52-55k and 64k

(Warning - there could still be a potential 50-100% run on harmony one, I just don’t see the volume here and momentum, at least yet. This could change at any second - like if some influencer starts getting bullish on $One’s ecosystem - so for me I’ll be keeping alerts on $one and if I see a rush of volume and momentum I’ll jump back in)

DYOR and Be Cautious, take profits, and be ready for anything.