Cardwell Style RSI / 3 Way Collar Hedge / Middleton Theory Draft

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Cardwell Style RSI / 3 Way Collar Hedge / Middleton Theory Draft. Reading Reggie's concept I made an assumption that the 3 way collar hedge was what he was getting at although rather clumsily and not without leaning on the Goldman piece a bit hard. I find the ultimate insult in all of this that it would be his product to be recommended as the 3rd piece of the collar. Can we get any more door-to-door than what is going on in crypto-currency at the moment. Mt. Gox and its memories give me warm and fuzzies in stark comparison to the pitches and the faces of late. Can you tell I am worried that exotics will take the market participants to the grave? Or are you thinking you've got this AND this will be the secret to the market you have been holding out for? Listen up guys... money, big money is going to shame you unless you wise up NOW! ~Beauty POST SCRIPT: Dear ChartArt, Use your own charts for zero hedge reference links and squeezing in a post for the foul mouthed hate mongrels on SHAMU's 24 /7 organic advert. You would be better served friend. Until the ban is lifted from my participation on TradingView chat OR making comments here even on my own charts I can only edit my own work to communicate with you. ~Beauty
hi beauty what is it about? didnt quite understood your post here. You think BTC is heading to the grave ?
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If I hadn't known that Reggie Middleton ( was in Flibbrs Teamspeak channel a few days ago, I wouldn't have had a clue what you are discussing here.
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