Two pink identical bullish candlesticks, two green bullish contractions, one underneath and new most recent at the top.

This is why I keep stressing by telling ya BTC still needs more up movement.
Retail traders pushed the price up. Smart money wasn’t hardly involved; consider this recovery as a skip without smart money involvement.
Whales have dipped coinbase stock to -9.26%, this has brought down BTC.
Retail traders and BULL SHARKS are waging money war against the whales.
By today for what it’s worth, I’ve always told ya there is a BULL RUN. Regardless of the wavy ups and downs, I told ya yesterday, we are to expect a 3k to 4k spike by today 2/6.
Today might just be your FUNKY day. Enjoy:) ENOUGH SAID!
Many will get a big surprise, pretty soon smart money will cause a plunge spike surge.
Remember 3k to 4k surge will come with a dip before
Going higher
Now I’m seeing ideas aiming downwards. As for me, I’m still Bullish. Not because I say I am but because of smart money statistics.
When there is no where to look at, my only goldmine is smart money. See below, now do you see what’s happening. Huge delay, BTC should have plunged days ago, while they’ve made me look stupid by declaring BULL RUNS, not that they’ve failed, it’s still pending but because there is huge amount of retail investors waiting for a spike.
Whales will work the volume downwards until retail traders become lessor involved by exiting. Such threshold has to be met to qualify for a BULL RUN.

Retail traders +1810.03%
Smart money -28.66%
Indicator called: DELTA VOLUME

Discovered and sharing, back test it! This will help you a lot.

Higher time frame 1 hour above is good
Retail traders +718.87%
Smart money -48.28

Once we get retail traders to a lesser into the negatives then whales will spike it.

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Today is Wednesday lucky 7, although I don’t believe in luck. Today I see changes, to much liquidity, whales have risen the bar like before when BTC would generate bullish runs into the thousands.
We have to expect a huge spike plunge, if you’re a short term trader; what goes sky high must come down. Don’t start tearing if you expected more. Wait for a little correction before the next Bull run.
$43,574 breakout
In about 40 minutes once my candle stick is above my blue wave. Which will be with a 99% assurance.

PUT ON A COWBOY HAT and don’t fall of that BULL.
The whales are high and mighty, so totally in. They are no where near the threshold near an exiting point from stopping there buying.
Mates the time has arrived on what we’ve all been waiting for.
Always remember it’s smart money who pushes the price up and down
Expect more. Dedication to CWILSON , digital revolution & JAKE, always concerned on BTC wellbeing.
SmartMoney has it at an added up to 160 million, generally they can go up to 350 million as a total in new buys. If we get 350 million in new orders as a total, there’s no way of telling how high BTC value will reach
Smart money has it so far in the 200 millions, was in the 160 millions. I’ve mentioned it can go up to as much as 350 millions. I still see a lot to go.
Whales may bluff to exit traders but it’s not the end.
If you’re a short term trader. Let me give you a quick tip which I would use myself as an exit.
First, it’s important to have a premium plan with TradingView because you’ll need the seconds time frame.
How do I apply the seconds? Allows me to see that whenever a coin spikes rapidly in a un usual way, it’s usually an indication it’s going to dip right afterwards for some correction.
The seconds lets you see the last moments as it rapidly spikes before it falls. This would help me hurry and exit.
Smart money loves to play this type of tactics.

Don’t confuse fast momentum.
Crypto is taking a break. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bullish coin on a consistent basis.
Patience mates let it work its self up.
New idea ATR set at 2% sell and buy with Bullish candlestick confirmation

For those who thought smart money was the one who caused this extra up movement was wrong.
What a surprise. Retail traders are the ones who moved up the price, smart money was actually fading away and now there’s madness. Let me explain what I mean by madness. I’m speaking of smart money madness. They never intended to have bitcoin to rise higher than they only wanted it to and now they’ve been forced to buy and this pumps up the price even higher.
This is where I expect Smart money spike it higher in price than what they never anticipated.
Be on guard mates. BULL RUN at some point has to come to an end. Keep an eye on divergence.
I’m gonna say anything more than 46K is a gamble. I told ya 3k to 4k pump. BTC needs to rest and make a comeback with a pullback.
If you’re a short term trader, and want to stick to short term trading, do not complain when bitcoin takes a huge correction.
I’m not saying it’s going any higher, but if there was a pullback, this is where a pullback would begin from a three minute timeframe
I was off by 1K, I still see it moving to 49K.

Updated new idea, once we reach 45K after the dip, I will know if bitcoin is ready to move up. Otherwise I’ll update confirming it’s not.

Albert Lopez

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