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Looking back at the 2013-2015 Bitcoin correction & comparing it 2 the 2018-2020 cycle of ETH the similarities are stunning even down to the volume rotation on exchanges from leading exchange 2 laggard. During the 2017 run in Bitcoin the focus shifted toward the fees & whether Lightning network would save the day & gave rise 2 Bitcoin Cash as an alternative on the higher fees to Bitcoin .

Today ETH is embattled with a similar sentiment/ issue regarding Gas fees on the NFT market & the search for an alternative 2 ETH has distracted many & cast some of eyes toward Solana Matic & XTZ which simply don't have the global recognition ETH does nor the size of funding for projects yet 2 come 2 begin to compare with ETH as a viable substitute also since we know Value = Scarcity + Utility which means if no one uses ur network there's no value 2 be had makes sense don't it? -->All that being said all eyes on ETH cuz if this cycle plays out anything like Bitcoin 2017 Ethereum still has a lot of room 2 run.

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