Deep comparison of Bitcoin Miners| Gold Miners - Astonishing

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Something that will go unexpected is the Bitcoin miners becoming the new "alt season" in this upcoming bull market, have tried to tell my circle yet they still allocate to alt coins. . waiting for the new NFT rush.

These companies own the most bullish asset on the planet, these companies are being priced like Bitcoin is going to 10k what happens if it goes to 100k? let that sink in what the thousands of bitcoin will be worth on the companies balance sheet that will reflect the company / buyback shares to fund operations in a bull market and the next bear market.

Marathon Digital Holdings (example) - 10,055 Bitcoin in holdings on balance sheet $239 million based on today's Bitcoin price.
why are institutions buying MARA? why does MARA have an excess market cap of $760.64M?

example Bitcoin reaches 100k = $1,005,500,000
example Bitcoin reaches 500k = $5,027,500,000

Marathon hit 10.4B in market cap operations when Bitcoin barely tapped $60,000

This is just one example I'm happy to provide a slide from my research


This is going to create an entire new digital commodity section on the SPX, mining companies and lightning network companies will be here too.

can't wait to see the web3 experts explain to their clients how they missed this one while the big players are already buying up everything.

MARA - 8.87
RIOT - 9.07
HUT - 2.00
HIVE - 3.29
Today the US Congress Introduces Bill Proposing Bitcoin Mining’s Aid to Energy Goals and Economic Growth.

Well done!
iPhone is the result - Apple is the reason.
Bitcoin is the result - Mining is the reason.

Apple was 4.45 USD when the first iPhone released. $174.03 B in marketcap 2007
Apple today has a market cap of 2.61T.
Bitcoin has a projected market cap in the 50+ Trillion range.
Bitcoin mining companies have market caps under a single billion.

Lets just say Bitcoin miners play a large part and start to take Visa & Mastercard's marketcaps on top of that being added to every retirement fund, every pension, every hedge fund.

Some of these are 3,000x - 5,000x returns in a decade.
Have a thought about it Visa sitting on Mkt cap of 481.66B & Mastercard 355.02B when the moment lightning network takes adopting these companies are now irrelevant.

High probability black rock see's this purchasing every mining stock they can without moving the market including MSTR.
MARA - 10.49
RIOT - 11.54
HUT - 1.88
HIVE - 3.19
CORZQ - 0.3725
WULF - 1.84
MARA - 12.21
RIOT - 11.68
HUT - 2.76
HIVE - 3.78
CORZQ - 0.45
WULF - 1.73
Vanguard Group Buys 10% Stake In Bitcoin Miner Riot.
MARA - 16.88 38.45%
RIOT - 18.38 57.33%
HUT - 3.63 31.52%
HIVE - 5.33 41.01%
CORZQ - 0.84 86.67%
WULF - 3.65 110.13%

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