BTCUSD mirrored midline (this one should be okay)

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Same idea as AU. Take the high-low range and use the "bars pattern" tool set on "mirrored". The range only goes back to April 14/2014. The idea is to see the time frequency to return to the middle or 50% level of the range. The fib channel tool was used to make the vertical and horizontal lines. I tried to set the spacings so they lined up with the data. .


Hummm ... interesting .. maybe i need a cup of coffee to get better understanding .. thank you Masta!
interesting !
Hello, what made you decide to start on 4/10?
Robert24 kakola
It didn't have to be 4/10. I just wanted the more recent high-low to be the range. Set one up yourself, the way you think it should be. The fib channels can be set at any matter how much time is showing.
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thanks for sharning
Robert24 manijeh.kazemi.33
You're welcome. It's just a rough idea for using the high-low range. It's really better for those that hang on for longer durations. If you study charts you'll find there is often a recurring level that is crossed many times. There is also a regression tool in the trendline toolbox. Just turn off the deviation and it will give a full channel. You could use the general angle of the regression's line. The problem with regressions is when new data is added...the regression angle changes. Check out my chart on right angles and diagonals. That's what I consider best. Scaling is important though.
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