BTCUSD mirrored midline (this one should be okay)

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Same idea as AU . Take the high-low range and use the "bars pattern" tool set on "mirrored". The range only goes back to April 14/2014. The idea is to see the time frequency to return to the middle or 50% level of the range. The fib channel tool was used to make the vertical and horizontal lines. I tried to set the spacings so they lined up with the data. .
Hummm ... interesting .. maybe i need a cup of coffee to get better understanding .. thank you Masta!
interesting !
Hello, what made you decide to start on 4/10?
Robert24 kakola
It didn't have to be 4/10. I just wanted the more recent high-low to be the range. Set one up yourself, the way you think it should be. The fib channels can be set at any matter how much time is showing.
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